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Cotton & Iris.

Year-Round Scent.

Description: Cotton & Iris. After a day of cleaning your home, who doesn’t love the captivating scent of line-dried laundry blowing in a spring breeze bursting with freshness? Fill your home with a punch of airy ozone and powder notes that open up to a floral heart of lily of the valley, iris, and cotton blossom, A fragrance of light musk and violet ground this fragrance with a light woody base infused with natural essential oils, including lemon peel.

Call to Action: This scent will empower you to continue trying to achieve things in spite of great difficulties or opposition. Think about those long, cold, and often times – brutal winter months. It parallels a lot of what life can throw at us. Then enters the spring season – how nature bursts through the ground and tree branches, showing new life! So, don’t give up, continue to fight, and know that you can achieve anything you envision.


Top: Powder, Ozone

Middle: Cotton Blossom, Lily of the Valley

Base: Violet, Light Musk

Ingredients: Soy Wax (U.S. Grown, Renewable, Sustainable Materials) specifically developed and formulated for melts and tarts

Phthalate Free Fragrance


Recyclable Clamshell Molds

Wt. 2.75 oz.


Break off 1-2 wax melt cubes and add to the top of an electric melt burner. The wax can be reheated several times until it's no longer fragrant.

Once the wax is no longer fragrant, wipe the warmer dish clean with a disposable cloth.

Caution: Failure to follow these directions could result in unexpected fire hazard or personal injury. Use only in well ventilated low heat potpourri burner without lid. Do not add water. Never heat on stove or electric appliance where temperature would exceed 190 degrees F. Melt enough product to have 1/2 inch of product in pot. Use only in wax burners designed for wax melts and tarts.

*Please be advised that we do not carry wax burners*

Why choose us?


As I continue to embark on my self-care, self-love, and empowerment journey, take the journey with me – uplift and empower yourself to be better every day.



I received this scent in my order as a sample.....I was amazed with the scent throw, it made my house smell so good, love this scent!

Tonya M.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been lighting up with pleasure. It's a beautiful, quality candle. You've done a amazing job. I am impressed!!

Kimberly J.

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