Postpartum, The Impact On Mental Health, and How You Can Support

Postpartum depression may get the headlines, but postpartum anxiety is just as common. And although postpartum depression is worthy of it's attention because it is a very serious and real thing, not every new mom knows that feeling extremely anxious or fearful, or even having panic attacks, can be almost as common. 
What is postpartum anxiety?
Postpartum anxiety is very similar to regular anxiety, but more closely linked to having a baby. It involves the exaggerated fear and worry - all day and everyday - of the health, development, or safety of your baby. 
Postpartum anxiety affects just as many moms as postpartum depression does (and can be just as serious), it's just not talk about as much.
What are the symptoms of postpartum anxiety?
Now although most (if not all) new parents will experience some worry, here are the symptoms of postpartum anxiety:
  • Constant worry
  • A persistent feeling of being on edge, like something is about to go terribly wrong
  • Racing thoughts
  • Disturbances of sleep and appetite
  • Inability to sit still
  • Physical symptoms like dizziness, hot flashes, and nausea
  • Shakiness 


What causes postpartum anxiety?

There is no one cause of postpartum anxiety. But there are some factors that can heighten the chance of developing the disorder.

  • Hormonal shifts after giving birth 
  • Sleep deprivation
  • The stress of caring for a tiny, new, helpless baby
  • Relationship changes that can naturally occur with the birth of a baby
  • Societal pressure on new moms and their own expectations to be "perfect"
  • Personality type — moms who are “type A,” very sensitive, or easily worried may be more likely to suffer from postpartum anxiety
  • Having a history of anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • Having a personal or family history of mood disorders
  • A previous miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Having a premature baby or a baby with health issues


How long does postpartum anxiety last?

There's no definitive time frame for postpartum anxiety, but the good news is that it isn’t permanent. Depending on how soon a mom gets treatment, recovery time can vary. Untreated moderate to severe anxiety can last indefinitely.


Treatment for postpartum anxiety?

Amazingly, there are many ways for women dealing with postpartum anxiety to help aid the healing process, and the remedies will depend on the severity of the condition.


Things such as talking to a supportive friend or family member can be enough to help a new mom with mild anxiety. Mild to moderate postpartum anxiety can be treated with talk or cognitive behavioral therapy, along with techniques such as meditation, relaxation exercises and mindfulness training.


With the right kind of treatment and the support of family members and friends, a new mom dealing with postpartum anxiety will get better in time. And when she does, she can finally truly enjoy her new baby and the experience of being a parent.


How you can support and GIVE BACK!

I have sought out an organization called 'Supporting Mamas' as this is the organization that I turned to for information after learning that I had postpartum anxiety. And although I was already on the road to recovery and didn't have the opportunity to seek out help from them, my doctor was very supportive and informative. I then used this site as a way to educate myself; thus falling in love with their mission, goals, and the ways in which they support moms and families.


Also, they are one of the few organizations that I have found that highlights postpartum anxiety as something that mamas also deal with on the postpartum spectrum.


Supporting Mamas is dedicated to providing information, resources, support and hope to women and families coping with pregnancy and postpartum anxiety and mood disorders and to the professionals who serve them.


There are several ways to get involved:

  • Jenny's Light Run
  • Volunteer Roles Including - Sharing YOUR Story, Blog/Newsletter Writer, Helpline Operator, and MORE
  • Donating using Round Up For Charity at checkout!

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To find our more about Supporting Mamas and how you can get involved, please visit

Thank you!