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The Mission

How Candles Empower Me

Empowering Aromas - Uniquely Tailored

Each candle and wax melt is named after a word that represents what I believe describes EVERY WOMAN. And with each candle is a Call to Action. As I hand-picked the line of scents, each one empowered me in various ways based on the notes of each fragrance; empowering in terms of making certain moves, walking differently, changing my mindset, and overall, just being a better version of Paris.

I wanted to pass this empowerment on to YOU...

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Candles Now Made With Coconut-Soy Wax!

LadyCIMONNE Candle Co. decided to use a blend of the two waxes. It is very common for coconut wax to be blended with other vegetable oils, such as soy, in order to get the best of both waxes. Our coconut-soy blended candle offers a higher melting point to insure the candle isn't ruined before it can be lit, while still offering all the benefits of its scent throwing and excellent burning properties. To learn more, click here.

"...I am in the process of becoming stronger and more confident; gaining knowledge and understanding of myself..."


Round Up For Charity! I want to empower you to round up your checkout total and donate in an effort to support the Supporting Mamas Organization...


I was first introduced to LadyCIMONNE candle Co. when...

...I received a layered candled as a thank you gift.  I love candles so I could not wait to burn it.  I immediately fell in love with the sent.  Not only does LadyCIMONNE have great candle scents with a long burn time ... she also had wax melts that smell just as great!  If you’re looking for a great candle or wax melt, you’ve found the right candle company!!


Let's talk about these wax melts...

Paris, I absolutely loved my Woman of Principle Lush Linen melts! My office smells great! Up next is my Beautiful Sea Salt Orchid! Thank you! I cannot wait to explore more fragrances with you!


I received my first candle as a Mother's Day gift...

...and as soon as I opened the jar and smelled the fragrance, I knew I would purchase. The Sea Salt & Orchid is my favorite scent. The scent is truly amazing and original. I can't wait to order! Watch out Bath and Body Works; y'all got some serious competition!


NOT just "another candle"!

When I am weak I receive a reminder that I am “Strong”. When I don’t feel I can accomplish my goals, “Confident” appears. When I feel that I don’t measure up to the worlds standards, I hear a small whisper from “Beautiful” (which happens to be my favorite). When I feel that my morals or standards are being questioned “Woman of Principle” brings me assurance.